The Domenico Chiesa Award was meant to express Panathlon's gratitude towards donours (Clubs) for their contributions to support the P.I. Domenico Chiesa Foundation in pursuing its statutory purposes.


The award is given by Panathlon International, if requested by clubs, to people – panathletes and not– who clubs want to honour for their commitment and contribution in spreading sports ideals and their moral and cultural values and/or for their promotion in collaboration with the Panathletic Movement or Panathlon International "Domenico Chiesa" Cultural Foundation.

The award consists in a golden decoration accompanied with a motivation, and in the inscription of the winner's name in the Golden Register.

Requests will be accepted after the payment of 600,00 euros each in favour of the Foundation. The collected funds will be used to support statutory projects in the field of visual arts and aimed at promoting sports values. The activity started in 2001 during La Biennale di Venezia and then continued with the International Graphic Arts Competition that takes place every year.


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Domenico Chiesa Award

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