Cultural Foundation Panathlon International – Domenico Chiesa

Panathlon International - Domenico Chiesa Foundation was created on May 2nd 1996 thanks to the heirs of Domenico Chiesa, who was the founder member. It is aimed at honouring his memory by celebrating award ceremonies in favour of one or more graphic artworks inspired by sports.


Panathlon International - Domenico Chiesa Cultural Foundation

The award ceremony will be organised by the Foundation in Venice, hopefully it will be held during the summer Olympic Games or the year before.

Within eighteen months from its official formation, the Foundation had to obtain the Governmental Authority’s formal acknowledgment. On the contrary, it would have been dissolved and the asset would have been available to its components, that is to say, two thirds to Chiesa’s heirs and one third to "Panathlon International".

On July 1st 1997, the State Council expressed his opinion to the President of the Government stating that the acknowledgment of the legal entity should meet the following conditions:

  • Auditors should be three;
  • Members of the Managing Committee should be five;
  • Envisaging the possibility for the President to be elected by Panathlon International’s International Board.

On August 1st 1997, with clarification measure, President Adorni modified the Foundation’s Statute to make it consistent with the conditions laid out by the State Council.

With President resolution 1/98 of September 1st 1998, the Foundation Board was completed and Auditors were appointed.

Approximately two years and a half were necessary to complete all the proceedings necessary for the Governmental Authority to acknowledge the legal entity, this was a mandatory condition to avoid dissolution, to complete the Managing Committee and install the Auditors Committee.


New organisation chart Panathlon International Domenico Chiesa Foundation, as established by the Statute, is made up of a Managing Committee and an Auditors Committee.

At present, the Managing Committee’s composition is the following:

President: Pierre Zappelli

Membri: Enrico Prandi Vice President, Maurizio Monego ((representative of the Family Chiesa) Secretary, Oronzo Amato Treasurer, Giuseppe Zambon President of the Panathlon Club Venezia

Sindaci: Maurizio Nardon, Paolo Minchillo, Roberta Elena Caliari

Download the file CONSTITUTIONAL ACT

Download the file PRECISATION ACT

Download the file FOUNDATION STATUTE